Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unidentified Footprints in the Snow!

So, I stepped out on my front porch this morning and there were two sets of footprints.  The first set was recognizable as bird prints, however, the second set I couldn't quite identify.  They were bigger than a cat, but smaller than a dog.  Hmmm!  On the right side of the porch, looking at the street, they were intermingled like something had chased the bird.  On the left side of the porch, again looking at the street, there were just the bird prints.

I saw this as a photo opportunity and went into the house and got my camera.  Here are pictures of the two sides of the house.  Anyone care to venture as to what the second set of prints is?

This is what I saw on the right side of the porch!


This is what I saw on the left side of the porch!


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