Sunday, November 20, 2011

Done with the Freaky Deaky New Year's Art Dolls!

Whew, I am finally done with the other two art dolls for the Freaky Deaky 2012 New Year's Swap.  I love making art dolls, but I need to get back to making ATC's for fear I may lose my muse for doing them.  Anyways, here is Zombie Girl Avery and Lady Lydia.

This is Avery, who is now a zombie. She got off the school bus, on her way back from an away game, to go to the bathroom. No one on the bus bothered to count the girls to make sure they were all aboard before taking off and she was left behind. The gas station was owned by zombies and when she came out of the bathroom, they gave her the deadly zombie bite and made her a part of their family. She misses basketball and all of her friends. She realizes now the importance of telling someone where you're going and accepts her fate.

Lady Lydia is ready to party and is looking for someone to be her escort!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Down with the Freaky!

This is Toby the wanna-be house elf. Please do not mistake him for his "perfect" brother Doby the house elf. Toby was born with one side longer than the other and his eyesight wasn't perfect either. Toby loves to party and is really looking forward to turning over some new leaves with this upcoming 2012 year. He loves walks in the bog and absolutely hates house work. Aside from the rather severe tooth malformations he really is a handsome guy. Toby is not sure yet what is wearing for the upcoming New Year's Eve party, but he is considering a couple of different options.

I totally don't have the gory, gruesome, or grotesque kind of mind, but I do like the weird and wacky when it comes to creatures.  So, I signed up for the the Dolls: Freaky Deaky New Year's Swap and this is my second doll I have made so far.

Next is Alexander the poison dart frog.   Alexander kills an average of 10 people a year. He never gets invited to parties and when he finally does, he brings his own darts. If you decide to chance playing a game with him beware; very few have lived to tell anyone about it and if you miss his dart board that has been painted on his stomach; he gets a free throw at you!

As soon as I get the other two done I will share those with you all as well!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Art Dolls Holiday Characters Swap!

Here are the other three characters I finished for the Art Dolls Holiday Characters Swap.  Oh yeah,  I ordered some more "brads" in different colors to help add some flair to my future Paper Dolls.  They are time consuming to make, but I love how they turn out and sometimes I just don't want to see them go.  That is why I keep them in my gallery at ATC's For All! and on my computer.

First up we have The True Mrs. Jingle.  She is an elf that use to be a giant!  You see, the swap only allowed for dolls under nine inches and when I first made her, well, she was 10.5 inches tall.  I had to crop her legs and arms to decrease her height.  I still think she turned out super cool though.

Next, we have Jacquilene-in-the-box.  People always do "Jack" and I thought I would put my little twist and make this fun box toy a girl.  She was alot of fun to make and she slides from left to right, which is kind of different for a "doll", but definitely worth the outcome.

Finally, we have the Spirit of Christmas Present.  We were watching the Muppet Christmas Carol and I forgot how amazing the human puppet for this character was.  I fell in love with him all over again and decided that he would be my fourth and final paper doll for this swap.

Still on the Paper Doll Kick!

I finally made my last paper doll for the Art Dolls: Holiday Characters -- Due Jan 10, 2012. I know they aren't due until January 10th, but when I get into something I can't do anything besides just that and I am obsessed with getting something done.  I wanted to post my Leprachuan Steve because I wanted to show you all how just using a white gel pen to highlight my characters.  I am often amazed at how a small thing like a white gel pen can make such a difference.

All of my Art Dolls can be found in my Gallery at ATC's For All!

Before Highlights
After Highlights


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