Friday, July 31, 2009

My Crystal In Paink

500 Characters or Less?

We have all had to do it at some point in our life whether personally or professionally. After doing the blog interview with Beadwright, I wanted to use some of it for a professional summary about myself. It took me over an hour to get it down to just the following:

"Ingenious, sharp, and diplomatic; frank and subtle when speaking; insane attention to detail. Evaluate and weigh things up before making a decision; good judgment and express myself clearly. Strong sense of ethics; reasoning with the ability to explain things and be logical; a revolutionary spirit. Sweet, attractive, and sunny disposition; faith in justice, which is trusted deeply. Great memory and intelligent; honest, and generous. Analytical and insatiable hunger for knowledge."

Notice the lack of use of the word "I" or "I am"? I understand not allowing someone to ramble on about themselves, but at the same time, how does anyone possibly come across as partially intelligent in only 500 characters or less?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty Poppies

I know I haven't done this in quite a while, so I decided to throw everyone off and do a "favorite pick" of the week. The following artists/crafters have incorporated "poppies" into their items and I have chose a few for you to enjoy. Remember, support artists and crafters everywhere by taking the "homemade" pledge.

I love this Red Poppy Adjustable Ring by CuteAbility. Her wording for this is rather cute: "This bright Red Poppy makes an Eye Popping statement on a Silver Tone Nickel Free Adjustable Ring." Notice the "Nickel Free"? Nice...

This is one of the most intricately hand carved and tooled leather cuffs I have ever seen. It includes a true California Poppy pattern and is made out of premium 8/9 oz vegetable-tanned cowhide. The finish is a dark antique, waxed and sealed. The gun-metal snaps makes for a secure closer. This is a highly dazzling piece and reminds me of some remarkable artwork, absolutely a wonderful addition to any outfit. This Tooled California Poppy Floral Leather Cuff was created by R. Holmes Custom Leather.

This is a really innovative painting of a girl and her twigs! This painting reminds me of my little girl and her love of nature. This Poppy Tree Print was created by the brilliant artist at thepoppytree. Make sure to check out the other original items that are in this shop.

I only have time for one more, but there are a ton of items on Etsy containing "poppies". If you click on this link for a search of all the items that include the keyword "poppies", you will see over 400 pages filled with wonderful items.

This list of wonderful poppy items would not be complete without the "Suntouchers" fine art print by kelela4. The poppies look to be truly reaching for the sun as they are extended high and opened wide.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What Color Am I?


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at!


Here is my official interview with Nicole of Beadwright. I really had fun with this one!!


Researching My Heritage

I am now living in a state where the Native American is the majority and us white folk are the minority. The interesting thing is that you can be a small percentage in Oklahoma in order to get any kind of assistance or special help. In Colorado, they are pretty strict, you have to be more than a quarter of a percent in order to apply for the same kind of help.

So, interestingly, my dad's mom was Cherokee and my mom's side is Choctaw. If I can find out if their families were registered with any of those tribes here in Oklahoma, I can get the help I need. Do not take for granted what you have; it is the small things that really do matter. This has become more clear to me than ever. Food, medical, utilities, and housing; the four main living groups.

While researching my dad's mom's family I found at that my Great-Grandpa, C.C. Cheatwood, was inprisoned at the ripe ol' age of 60 by the Lynchburg, West Virginia court system, for violating the Internal Revenue Act. Hmmmm, I thought that paying taxes was optional back before 1902. This will lead me to even more research as I find this absolutely fascinating.

When I was in school I had a Civics class in which we visited interesting political and legal issues like "paying taxes". Our teacher instructed to actually read the constitution in order to "debate" whether or not we felt that paying taxes was a "requirement". We, as a class, were amazed to find out that it isn't mandatory, "they" just want us to comply.

I am still researching and hope to make an actual educated determination of: 1) Is this C.C. Cheatwood really my Great-Grandpa and 2) Is really mandatory to pay taxes. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Revolution (Roller Coaster)

First, my life is somewhat of a "roller coaster" right now and I often wonder what my "words ought to be". So, when I decided to do another album cover; I was not at all surprised that it came out this way:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Colorado Springs, CO to Miami, OK Move

Just thought I would share some of the pictures I have taken so far from our recent move. The zucchinis are a sight to see as they are like the size of the small watermelons you may or may not see in the grocery store. My father-in-law uses Miracle Gro and I can't wait to make some bread out of them.

Move photos on Flickr

The Harry Potter Craze in Crafts

So the new movie is finally here and everyone in the crafting world are all in a HP craze. Handmade news wrote an article about some pretty talented crafters including fun websites like Alivan's Wand Shop!

I would like to suggest that you read the article for some really fun information and crafting items:

Harry Potter ~ Crafting Inspirational Magic

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Legalize Gay by American Apparel

The picture is what caught my attention and since I have relatives and friends that I support, I felt compelled to read the article. I did not realize that promoting anything other than "normal" sexuality was not acceptable.

I respect and agree with the comment at the bottom of the article "Sometimes what we do is controversial and not everyone agrees with our opinion. We hope that you can understand that we're sincere about this and that we think it's important, just like we are about Legalize LA".

So to read the entire article go to Legalize Gay and read it for yourself.

This really makes me irate:

ICE Targets Employers Who Follow the Law

U.S. Shifts Strategy on Illicit Work by Immigrants

Olga Ponce Furginson

While searching for my measurement conversion Word document that I created for the magnets that go on my refrigerator; I ran across the instructions I had downloaded a long time ago regarding paper cutting art. Olga is one of the most recognized "paper cutting" artists and while her website is somewhat nonuser friendly; she is still an amazing artist.

For those of us that promote art in school; Olga, in addition to countless awards, has also won The Professional Artists in Schools Association Award.

I'm not sure why alot of the links are not working on both of her websites, which was done by her son Robert B. Furginson. If you "search" for her on the internet you should be able to find other links to her work as well. If you would like to receive her simple instruction worksheet, e-mail me at and I will send them to you.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Moving and Jobless

Well, here is an update to our situation; We lost our house in CO and moved to this little town in OK called Miami. Jobless and no money really is hard to deal with. We are just keeping it simple, actually have to, and hoping that something changes. As I keep telling myself "we are not alone" and that a majority of America is in the same boat as we are; it just doesn't seem to help.

We moved from an almost 1,900 sq ft 7 year old house to an under 900 sq ft 100 year old house. Now, don't get me wrong as old houses have charm, but I am still getting used to walking on roller coaster floors. Not sure if I can ever get used to the over 150 species of creepy crawlies, but we are coping and dealing to the best of our abilities.

I hope to be back blogging soon, so keep checking back. Thanks to all who have shown the utmost support for our situation.

STRANGELING - The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith

If you don't know who Jasmine is; you really should! Check out some of her amazing products at


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