Sunday, January 29, 2012

Color Palette I Purple/Blue/Green

 I never really join the "color palette" swaps, because you can use very little black or white and the main portion of the artist trading card (ATC) has to be the colors listed.  However, I really like the colors purple, blue, and green.  This was going to be a challenge for me and I had to think outside the box.  What could I do that would allow me to use all three colors while incorporating little to no black and white. 

I decided to break out the watercolors and start there.  I took three ATC sized watercolor cards and started to paint the three colors on the cards without really thinking about form.  When I was done I walked away, so when I came back it would be with new perspective.

When I returned to the cards; I was excited to see some type of form or shape and immediately broke out the glitter and metallic markers to start adding the needed flare for each card.

Needless to say, I was both pleased and impressed that I could actually handle doing a color palette ATC without alot of strain on the brain.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paper Doll Swap: Fantasy & Aliens

Yes, I joined yet another paper doll swap.  These paper doll swaps are great because they force me to go out of my comfort zone and draw, paint, or color something that is not just an ATC in shape and size.  I chose, for this particular swap, to do aliens and I went one step further and used Star Wars aliens for inspiration.

I am breaking out and using my water colors again and I really like the effects on each of the dolls that I made.

This first one is based on the Star Wars character known as Admiral Ackbar, but I call him Akbacca, because someone said he looked like a cross between Admiral Ackbar and Chewbacca!  I was really going for Admiral Ackbar without that space suit he wears!

The next one I did was just for grins.  This one I named Gidget, because I saw her as a girl and I wanted to name her after one of my all time favorite classic movies.

The third one, again, is based on the Star Wars character known as Rodian, his name is Greedo!
 Finally, the last one is also based on a Star Wars character known as a Ortolan, his name is Sumo!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Turtle, Birds, & a Gecko

I'm not sure what got into me tonight, but I had this uncontrollable urge to draw something Native American.  So, I whipped out the watercolor pencils and made four backgrounds.  Let me explain something that I like about watercolor pencils; they, in my honest opinion, have the most brilliant colors.

I did the Gecko card with my watercolor blocks and the rest I did with my watercolor pencils.  See how bright they turned out.

Next, I drew each Native American symbol and then colored them in with permanent marker, which works really well for drawing over watercolor.
Bird 2

I posted these as available to trade and hope someone takes the bait!
Bird 1

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Fine Feathered Friends Swap

I was invited to join another art doll swap.  I was really excited to find out that it was about birds!  I made four bird dolls and they all turned out very colorful and pretty.  I drew each bird and then used watercoloring for coloring the birds.  I then used my permanent markers and outlined and added the details.

I haven't even begun to pretend to know how to watercolor, but I sure do like the effect.  I tried some different techniques like using a watercolor pencil to "draw" in the wet watercolor.  This can be seen on the parrot.

I really enjoyed making these birds and just wish I knew the name of the bird that hangs upside down.

Jungle Fancy Pigeon

Jungle Parrot

Jungle Blue Bird
Hanging Tropical Bird

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cat in the Window Popularity

I made a silhouette ATC called "Cat in the Window" with a Citra-Solv background and I couldn't believe how popular it was.  I've had 3 requests for the ATC.  So, I made another one using a different colored Citra-Solv background and am trading it for a Halloween ATC called "Frightful" from Rogue Gal.

Cat in the Window 002

You can never have too many Halloween ATCs and I really like her work.  Then I received another request for the "Cat in the Window", so  I PM'd the third person and asked if she didn't mind me making her one as well to trade.

Now to let her know which ATC I want from her gallery!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Citra-Solv Backgrounds

I love drawing "silhouettes" and I have these really cool backgrounds made using Citra-Solv that I can use as backgrounds.  I drew the silhouette, cut out the white areas, and added the Citra-Solv background so it looks like you are actually viewing something in the background.

I am super excited as I am listed on the Citra Artist Contact Info page and some of my previous cards are listed in the ATC gallery.

Cat in in Window

Cat in the Window

Why do you sit and stare?
Are you waiting for something special to happen?
Is something on the other side catching your attention?
Do you secretly wish you could be on the other side?
Are you contemplating life?
Or, is this just a relaxing past time?
Please, share your secrets with me.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Metal Embossing

I had some scrap metal left over from the embossed metal ATCs that I did the other day and doodled on them.  I've only walked past them for the last five days wondering what to do with them.  Last night I decided to take these small pieces and put them onto ATCs.  I had some scrap paper from some very nice people that have recently sent me extras with the couple of personal trades that I've done, as well as, some Citra Solve background scraps.

I then proceeded to add some old language torn up book pages and other picture scraps and then I sprayed them all with alcohol ink.  Once the alcohol ink was dry I started tracing different patterns on the paper with various colored permanent markers.

After all the collaging and coloring were done; I glued on the metal pieces and ended up very pleased with the final results.

What I am not pleased with is the scanner I have.  My printer is going down hill and so is its scanning quality.  I scanned the four cards together and they all have the same metal, but one of them scanned really dark.  I still enjoy looking at them and I hope I get to trade them soon.

Captured Destruction

Great Work

The Dream of the Illusion

Truth in the Streams

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mount Sunflower, Kansas

Mount Sunflower is 26 miles northwest of Weskan, Kansas and we drove by on our way to Colorado. 

Our family traveled from Oklahoma to Colorado for Christmas and on the way, in Kansas, we saw a sign for a place called Mount Sunflower. I couldn't stop thinking about drawing or painting it, so when I got home I did this watercolor.

Mount Sunflower
I'm not sure if I should take this place seriously or laugh.  It really isn't a mountain, but as it is the highest point in Kansas, it deserves some recognition, I guess.


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