Thursday, January 28, 2010

Amazon's Wish List Widget & Link

You might notice in the right column I have added, not only an Amazon Associate widget, but a link to my "Starving Artist Wish List".  I love the fact that I can add, from any page on the web, a product or item to my wish list and I don't have to try and remember where i saw it when I am finally able to purchase it.  The awesome thing is if someone if on a site like Etsy and they see something that they really want, but for whatever reason, aren't sure if they want to buy it right now; they can add it to their wishlist by simply clicking the "Add To Wish List" button located in their bookmark toolbar!

I used this for the "Secret Santa" swap I had in my Military Brats group and I could also use that list to send to whomever.  I'm even thinking of creating a list to send to my husband so when he wants or needs to get me something he can refer to the list and come out the winner every time!

Now, Amazon also has this program for those of us who blog called the "Amazon Associates" program.  This program allows you to make money just like Google Adsense by just adding a widget.  I added this widget today and I'll let you know how it turns out after I have time to test it.


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