Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Happy with Watercolor

So, for the entire month of January I didn't do any artwork.  Why? Because I started working and using mainly the left side of my brain doing accounting again has left me with no mojo for art.  Ugh!

However, I am making myself sit down tonight and do something, even it is collaging paper together.  I don't care what I do, I just have to do it.  No more excuses!

I did get a chance to sit down and do some watercolor and was also able to post for the first time this year to the 2011 Project 365.  This year is filled with changes, which is always a good thing and should never be feared.  You don't just have to post ATCs; you can actually post whatever art you come with on a daily basis.

For more information you can go to the actual blog or you can find out about the rules over at ATCs For All!

Here are the three that I listed for February:

February 1

February 2

February 3

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know, i know, this is only like day 8, but I have been so busy with work and all.  I'm really bummed that I haven't had time to do any artwork.  I've been busy with a new job, kids, household stuff, etc.

I am sure hoping that 2011 brings much needed changes to our lives.  I don't believe in making resolutions, because, like the other 92% of people who don't keep their new year's resolutions, I won't keep them either.  So, I hunker down and just keep going.

Today, I plan on getting some artist trading cards done for some swaps I've joined and then we will see what the rest of the day holds for me.

I hope you all have a blessed and fulfilling year and don't forget to break out those pencils, pens, paint brushes, and whatever else you can think of to help you make some wonderful art.  Would you want to try and imagine a world without art?  I know I wouldn't!!


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