Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 23 - I Had A Dream ATC

I have been struggling with a nauseating migraine and really wanted to go to bed. However, I had a scare with my mom as I was talking with her on the phone and she passed out. I had to think fast since we are like 15 hours away from each other, so I called the operator and had her call 911 where my mom lives. Can you believe we had to sit on hold due to "high call volumes"? Ugh! The operator was really nice and when we finally got through the 911 dispatcher was really nice as well.

My mom was taken to the hospital where they did an EKG, CAT Scan, and X-Rays. She hit the wall with her head, so she has a concussion and she has a large hematoma on her arm. I am so glad she is ok and I am really thankful that I happen to be on the phone with her when she did this. I love my mom and absolutely hate being so far away.

This is Day 23's ATC that I submitted in the 2010 Project ATC 365.


  1. I can so relate to the migraine! I have migraine disease and suffer from some very, very nasty crippling migraines. Hope it passes quickly!

    I'm glad your Mom is going to be alright, that must've been terrifying for you. Thank goodness you were able to hold it together and get help to her!

    That's a great card! I really admire collage/mixed media artists because I struggle so much with it. I try to just breathe deep and let it flow and I hope I'm getting better, that's what its all about, right? Keep going, muddling through and getting to the next project!

    Big hugs and I hope your day will be pain free!

  2. So scary about your mother! I hope she's better soon.
    Gorgeous card for the 365 Project!
    Get some rest, sounds like you could use some! I know about the migraines, too, they can be quite debilitating some times.

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