Monday, July 21, 2014

The Loss of My Dad

I haven't been much on blogging since last year and this year my dad passed away 6/25/14.  I was feeling hopeless this weekend and then I went back to a church I attended last year. I am hoping that God has great and good things in store for me.  I was able to spend three weeks with my mom, as we watched my dad pass away.

I miss her dearly and hope that she has the strength to carry on.  I feel people are so impersonal these days and I'd just like to say, as a reminder to myself as well, put down whatever it is you're doing and call a loved one.  You just never know when you might not see them again and after they pass away it is too late to hear their laughter and their voice.

I love and miss you dad; you will be forever in my thoughts and on my mind.


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