Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beading Space Exposed

I've been reading alot about beading spaces. I decided to go ahead and expose my beading/work/craft space. I have:

3 Tall Bookshelves
1 Cabinet with Doors
1 Craft Desk
Lots of Everything Else!

Since Beading is not the only thing I do, I kind of have things scattered amongst the 3 bookshelves. Besides beading, I have scrapbooking, felt, stamping, and sewing supplies. The bookshelf above holds thread, scrapbooks, magazines, jewelry making books, and the two binders that I keep EVERYTHING jewelry related in.

My beading desk is my favorite spot. It has a drawer in the middle and two sides that I can store stuff in as the lids lift upward. I cherish my label maker and the handmade tool box I bought at a yard sale holds bead containers so I can be mobile when I need to be.

If you like to go to thrift stores, keep your eyes and mind open. I found two science test tube holders at a thrift store and now they hold some of the containers and wires that I use most often. I found the pink box in the background at Michaels at 50% off, brought it home, and painted it pink. This holds my small tools. I also have lots and lots of containers. I have come to prefer the clear stackable ones as I like to see what I have.

This is the cabinet with doors I was referring to earlier. This is just for my beading supplies. I know, I know, I have ALOT of supplies. Also, you can see my Cricket.

I use the rolling 3 drawer caddy to put my Macrame supplies in so that I can take it upstairs to the living room without having to make several trips.

This is my Mannequin that I had to throw some material on, because everyone in the family was like "that Mannequin being naked really bothers me"! These are the other two bookshelves that holds all the other craft stuff. The blue bag with name on it, is what I received from the Home Arts Club for joining and I LOVE that bag. Sometimes I'll empty it out and put whatever I am working on in the bag so I can be mobile. Right now it holds all of my felt pieces. I'm kind of obsessed with felt. The cat is real and her name is Daisy.

More pictures of the bookshelves and Mannequin. I also purchased the Jewelry Designer Manager software program and am moving all of my supplies into this program from QuickBooks because of the specific-to-what-I-am-doing reports and the ability to add pictures for the jewelry parts so I know what I have.


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