Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Exactly Is Being Productive Really?

Well, here it is 6:53 p.m. my time and I am wondering exactly what I was productive with today.  I managed to get one experimental artist trading card done.  (It's a secret; I'm testing Diamond Glaze!)  I did make one piece of jewelry, which you can find in my Etsy Shop.  I also made some massive changes to my Etsy Shop and re-listed some items that had expired. Two of my fellow EtsyBEAD Street Team Members did a shop critique and I made changes based on their suggestions.  Paul, of Sirroco's Trading Post made some incredibly helpful suggestions for getting noticed more with Google searches.  Duh, I've been out of the loop so long I didn't even think about applying SEO and what to say where.

Aside from all that I did start a load of laundry in the washer and put the other one in the dryer.  I also made dinner and did the dishes and I have the rest of the night, before bedtime, to do something creative.  Now, this may seem like not much to some of you, however, doing something creative is what keeps me going and sane!

I'm including a picture of the Cream Wood Beads & Mookaite Necklace I made today.


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