Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 58 - Gray & Turquoise Kitty

Who says kitties have to be drawn and colored in their original shades of color?  Not me! My daughter was drawing cats tonight and asked me if I could draw a cat that she found in a magazine.  I started drawing the kitty and then asked myself what it would look like in different colors.  I definitely like the gray and turquoise and thought it turned out rather interesting.  

I am going to be practicing drawing cats more as I am totally in love with them.  Since we have 3 cats, they may end up being my live models!!  

I recently reviewed a video I saw from an amazing artist that uses layers to draw the details of cats and hope to use her techniques for drawing cats more realistic to their true colors.

This is Day 58's ATCs that I submitted in the 2010 Project ATC 365.


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