Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Modish Toy Camera Giveaway From Four Corner Store

If you love photography like I do or are just getting started then you might be interested in this fun giveaway.  Modish is hosting a camera giveaway from Four Corner Store and there are 2 different prizes.

1st place is an awesome Shironeko (white cat) camera! Yes, you heard right: a "cat" camera.  This is what I want to win!  It lights up and even meows!  If you love cats you know how exciting this prize is.

2nd prize is a Golden Half Camera!  This camera is cool, because it takes two frame shots.  This would be a fun camera to take anywhere and I love the colored stripes.

Both camera come with a grab bag of 400 speed film.

So, to get your entry in go to Modish and leave a comment.  For an even better chance of winning you can blog about the giveaway, Twitter it (@modishblog), or Facebook it and let them now.

I'm off to get put my blog post down!  Good luck!


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