Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Winter Storm Warning; I mean Blizzard Warning!

So we moved from Winter Storm Advisory to Winter Storm Warning to a full out Blizzard warning.  Ok, I've seen this before in Colorado; I mean NO big deal.  Well, it was a big deal with our city shutting down because the snow plows couldn't keep up with the snow.  The kids are out of school for probably the entire week.  I pulled something in my back shoveling the 16" of snow to make a path for whoever would be brave enough to be out in this stuff.

The only thing about working from home is when you have days like this you still have to work!! LOL  I was inspired to grab my camera and take some shots of the snow and thought I would share them with you all here:

Back Yard
Husband's stuck Mustang!  He had to get a ride from someone at work and will be there until they can clear the roads for him to get home.

Steps coming off of the front porch.

The snow is still piling up.

Neighbor's truck with snow drifts.  Snow drifts where between three and five feet.

Front porch.

Tree stump almost covered to the top.
I am sure there are many other places with much more snow, but this happens to be a record for our area.  We are looking forward to more this weekend and really cold temperatures.  To those others braving these severe winter storms I can only say: Stay safe and warm!


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