Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow-Lady and Icicles

We are done with snow, at least until tomorrow, and my Nephew helped my daughter build this awesome snow-lady!  She is complete with pink scarf and hat!

I also thought the icicles that formed off of the house were incredible, so, I decided to share those with you as well.  The ones I had on the front of my house were knocked down by my teenager!  i guess she didn't hear the warning about knocking them down or else.  I was watching to see how long they would get.  The ones on the side of the house were just as amazing.

We received approximately two feet of snow and have another three to six inches headed this way sometime around tomorrow or Monday.  My sister-in-law drove me to Wal-Mart today and they were out of flour, sugar, eggs, and bread.  We couldn't believe what a mad-house it was and were so glad to get out of there.  We even drove the Hostess Bread Market and they were out of bread as well and so was the only other grocery store in town.

It's kind of ok, though, I can bake some if I need to!

Wherever you are; I hope you stay safe and warm and don't forget the hot chocolate.


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