Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pretty Poppies

I know I haven't done this in quite a while, so I decided to throw everyone off and do a "favorite pick" of the week. The following artists/crafters have incorporated "poppies" into their items and I have chose a few for you to enjoy. Remember, support artists and crafters everywhere by taking the "homemade" pledge.

I love this Red Poppy Adjustable Ring by CuteAbility. Her wording for this is rather cute: "This bright Red Poppy makes an Eye Popping statement on a Silver Tone Nickel Free Adjustable Ring." Notice the "Nickel Free"? Nice...

This is one of the most intricately hand carved and tooled leather cuffs I have ever seen. It includes a true California Poppy pattern and is made out of premium 8/9 oz vegetable-tanned cowhide. The finish is a dark antique, waxed and sealed. The gun-metal snaps makes for a secure closer. This is a highly dazzling piece and reminds me of some remarkable artwork, absolutely a wonderful addition to any outfit. This Tooled California Poppy Floral Leather Cuff was created by R. Holmes Custom Leather.

This is a really innovative painting of a girl and her twigs! This painting reminds me of my little girl and her love of nature. This Poppy Tree Print was created by the brilliant artist at thepoppytree. Make sure to check out the other original items that are in this shop.

I only have time for one more, but there are a ton of items on Etsy containing "poppies". If you click on this link for a search of all the items that include the keyword "poppies", you will see over 400 pages filled with wonderful items.

This list of wonderful poppy items would not be complete without the "Suntouchers" fine art print by kelela4. The poppies look to be truly reaching for the sun as they are extended high and opened wide.


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