Friday, July 31, 2009

500 Characters or Less?

We have all had to do it at some point in our life whether personally or professionally. After doing the blog interview with Beadwright, I wanted to use some of it for a professional summary about myself. It took me over an hour to get it down to just the following:

"Ingenious, sharp, and diplomatic; frank and subtle when speaking; insane attention to detail. Evaluate and weigh things up before making a decision; good judgment and express myself clearly. Strong sense of ethics; reasoning with the ability to explain things and be logical; a revolutionary spirit. Sweet, attractive, and sunny disposition; faith in justice, which is trusted deeply. Great memory and intelligent; honest, and generous. Analytical and insatiable hunger for knowledge."

Notice the lack of use of the word "I" or "I am"? I understand not allowing someone to ramble on about themselves, but at the same time, how does anyone possibly come across as partially intelligent in only 500 characters or less?


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