Friday, July 10, 2009

Moving and Jobless

Well, here is an update to our situation; We lost our house in CO and moved to this little town in OK called Miami. Jobless and no money really is hard to deal with. We are just keeping it simple, actually have to, and hoping that something changes. As I keep telling myself "we are not alone" and that a majority of America is in the same boat as we are; it just doesn't seem to help.

We moved from an almost 1,900 sq ft 7 year old house to an under 900 sq ft 100 year old house. Now, don't get me wrong as old houses have charm, but I am still getting used to walking on roller coaster floors. Not sure if I can ever get used to the over 150 species of creepy crawlies, but we are coping and dealing to the best of our abilities.

I hope to be back blogging soon, so keep checking back. Thanks to all who have shown the utmost support for our situation.


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