Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Paper Doll Swap: Fantasy & Aliens

Yes, I joined yet another paper doll swap.  These paper doll swaps are great because they force me to go out of my comfort zone and draw, paint, or color something that is not just an ATC in shape and size.  I chose, for this particular swap, to do aliens and I went one step further and used Star Wars aliens for inspiration.

I am breaking out and using my water colors again and I really like the effects on each of the dolls that I made.

This first one is based on the Star Wars character known as Admiral Ackbar, but I call him Akbacca, because someone said he looked like a cross between Admiral Ackbar and Chewbacca!  I was really going for Admiral Ackbar without that space suit he wears!

The next one I did was just for grins.  This one I named Gidget, because I saw her as a girl and I wanted to name her after one of my all time favorite classic movies.

The third one, again, is based on the Star Wars character known as Rodian, his name is Greedo!
 Finally, the last one is also based on a Star Wars character known as a Ortolan, his name is Sumo!


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