Sunday, January 8, 2012

Citra-Solv Backgrounds

I love drawing "silhouettes" and I have these really cool backgrounds made using Citra-Solv that I can use as backgrounds.  I drew the silhouette, cut out the white areas, and added the Citra-Solv background so it looks like you are actually viewing something in the background.

I am super excited as I am listed on the Citra Artist Contact Info page and some of my previous cards are listed in the ATC gallery.

Cat in in Window

Cat in the Window

Why do you sit and stare?
Are you waiting for something special to happen?
Is something on the other side catching your attention?
Do you secretly wish you could be on the other side?
Are you contemplating life?
Or, is this just a relaxing past time?
Please, share your secrets with me.


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