Thursday, October 21, 2010

My 1st Time Doing a Pick-A-Theme (PAT) Swap

I am learning alot about trading different types of art on ATCs For All! and my recent venture was a Pick-A-Theme swap.  There is so much to learn and not enough time in any given day.  The PAT works like this:

1. There are a number of "groups" with a particular type of art style assigned.
2. There are up to 5 people in each "group" and they each pick a theme.
3. Then you have to make a card for each of the other people in whatever "theme" they choose.

This was the group I was in for the Mid-October PAT swap!

Group 1 ~ Hand Drawn/Painted ~ Easy Themes ~ FULL
1 tlsexton0913 ~ Flowers (This is me, so I should get 4 cards with Flowers)
2 Robin ~ Dragonflies
3 bernie712 ~ Crabs or Witches
4 arlie707 ~Rabbits
5 ghillietoes42 ~ Pandas

These are the cards that I Hand Drew for each of the participants.  Can you guess which card is for who?


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