Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is Home Project

I recently viewed an RSS feed in my Outlook that said someone was working on a This is Home Project. Curious as to what this entailed I immediately went to the blog and read what others were saying about "home".

I recently lost my house due to foreclosure as my husband and I lost our jobs in October and December of last year. While the bill collecting hounds are hot on our heels; it isn't what matters. What matters is my family and I are still together. I have my husband and kids and have moved to this place called Miami, OK or what I like to refer to as "stuck in time". While I sit and complain about all the things that irritate me about this place I know what is most important is that I haven't lost my family or that single 1/16th piece of hope.

It's the little things, it really is, in life that make wherever you live a home. I submitted my phrase and you should too.

This is Home Project!


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