Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photo Manipulation Lesson 1

I am taking a photo manipulation class online in one of my social networks. I am really enjoying it and it is being taught by a 13 year old from the United Kingdom. She is seriously talented and the nicest person. She also happens to be a very kind and patient teacher. Here are a couple of the images I have done using the layers, erase, and merge functions in Gimp 2.

This is the photo we used for the class. There are 3 layers here: horse, landscape, and transparent.

This is a photo of a House Sparrow I took where I live. There are 2 layers here: house sparrow and background.

This is an image I drew titled "Self Portrait". There are 3 layers here: my drawing, text, and background.

This is an image I took of one of my pieces of jewelry. There are 6 layers here: my jewelry image, (2) flowers, flip flops, glitter sun, and background.


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