Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Friendly Little Package

I've been inspired by Amber (lyriclover810) over at YouTube. I watch her channel faithfully, as she has a ton of ideas for things to make for a craft fair and she is just simply awesome.  She makes these cute little mini loaded bags, which were a perfect gift to make for a special friend of mine and possibly make some to sell.  I picked up some bags, tags, and dimensional stickers at the local Dollar Tree.  Everything else I included in the bag I either made or already had.

I'm not going to list any specific instructions as Amber does a great job of explaining how to make these, but I will tell you what I included in this bag.

Handmade Goodies:
Post-It Note holder
3" x 4" envelopes with little cards
Set of 3" x 3" note cards and envelopes
Decorated Tags
Tag with some of my favorite things

Other Goodies:
Note Card

If you are interested in how to make these, please stop by her channel and watch her video.

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