Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Made for You

I received some awesome stamps in my September/October Rubbermoon Moonmail package and I love them. Yesterday I sat down with my goodies and made this picture. I'm not sure what I will do with it yet. Maybe a card,  maybe something special for someone.  I've never used laser cut images before,  so this was a real treat from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts.

I washed the watercolor paper and then painted it rainbow colors. Then I stamped the background with the special moonmail stamps and colored in with permanent markers.  I used a silver permanent marker for the brush and paint lids.  I accented with a white gel pen.  For the square, I rolled white acrylic paint over it and then splattered the square with red acrylic paint using a toothbrush.  Then I outlined the square in black permanent marker and added white dots.  I colored the laser cut images with acrylic paint and used a q-tip to dab on rainbow colors of acrylic paint to give it that "pallete being used look".  Once everything was done I adhered the laser cuts to the square, the square to the background, and then finally put it all on a yellow piece of cardstock.  I used my corner rounding punch to give the corners that rounded look.

September/October Rubbermoon Stamps of the Month
2" Precision Cut Matboard Squares
Yellow Card Stock
Watercolor Paper
Acrylic Paint (White and Red)
Permanent ink
White gel pen
Gypsy Soul Laser Pallete and Paintbrush Cutout


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