Sunday, April 29, 2012

Artist Trading Cards - Stained Glass Art

When I was a teenager I used to sit and doodle for hours.  I also liked to do art that looked like stained glass.  Some day I will find my composition notebook where I created decorative alphabets and doodled.  But, for now I have to satisfy myself with trying to remember how I did these things and see if I can reproduce them.

Any one of the following designs I would choose to have as a stained glass window.  Well, maybe not the walking man, but he did turn out rather cool.  Maybe that one for an elementary school gym!  I would love to actually learn how to do stained glass and maybe some day I will.

I used a Micron 02 pen and permanent markers to hand draw and color the following artist trading cards (ATCs).  I am also thinking about starting a swap over at ATCs for All titled "Stained Glass".

Stained Glass - Butterfly

Stained Glass - Dolphin

Stained Glass - Flowers & Circles

Stained Glass - Moon & Sun

Stained Glass - Walking Man


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