Thursday, December 29, 2011

Metal Embossing

Well, I joined another swap, but this one has to do with Metal Manipulation.  I remember making some Christmas cards one year using a similar technique and decided I would try to free hand some art on the metal and make some ATCs for the Metal Manipulation Swap over at ATCs for All!

I first used the tools I had, which equated to a sculpture tool, thin end paint brush without the end, a 2/2.25MM crochet needle, and a stylus.  While you can see what looks like scratch marks up close on the scan, it doesn't look like this when you just look at the card.

I ordered some actual metal embossing tools tonight from Dick Blick and should get them around the 15th of January with their super saver shipping and then I plan on getting serious with this new found fun thing to do!

This first one is called Water Lily and is based off of a piece of art that I hand drew last year.  When I was done with the embossing I used alcohol ink to color it in.  I think it's pretty, but the jury is still out on the alcohol ink.

Water Lily
These other two are simply embossed drawings on the metal.  Both of these were done based on drawings I did last year.

Mermaid Head



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