Monday, December 19, 2011

Birdie Birdie Couplets

One night my husband says, out of the blue, "Birdie Birdie in the sky; why'd you do that in my eye?".  I can't remember the reason for him saying that and knowing him there really wasn't one.  So, then I say "Birdie Birdie on the pole; about to put you in a hole" and we were off and running for like three nights coming up with what I later found out were called "couplets".

So, I posted a game on FaceBook asking others to post some of their own.  Not a whole lot of luck with this, so I decided to host an ATC Swap over at ATCs For All! (AFA).  My swap is called "Birdie Birdie Couplet Swap".  So far I have four players and am very impressed that one player came up with 16 of these couplets in like five minutes.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.  I am hoping that once the holidays are over the number of participants in the swap will pick up.  Actually, I'm sure it will, because I private messaged over 50 people on AFA asking if they'd like to join my swap!


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