Saturday, March 5, 2011

Theatre Etiquette for Tall People

My family and I went to the Coleman Theatre tonight to see "Theatre of Illusion!" by Kevin Spenser & Co., 2009, who has been recognized as Int'l Entertainer of the Year.  The show was awesome and filled with wonderfully performed magic tricks.  We showed up at 7:00 a.m. and waited with anticipation to find our seats and get ready for the show.

We had seats located exactly in the center of the theatre, which turned out to be no such hot seats after all.  As we sat there waiting a couple came and sat in front of us.  Well, the husband was tall and I couldn't see the stage.  So, I asked my husband, who is also tall, if he would trade seats with me, so I could see the stage; he said he would and we proceeded to trade seats.  I swear, not 2 minutes later another couple came and sat next to the first couple and I kid you not; the husband was even taller and sat right in front of me.

I was really bummed as, again, I couldn't see the stage without craning my next to the right almost in front of my teenage daughter.  To make matters worse, the guy kept leaning over to his right to talk to his petite wife, which really blocked my view.

This is my point; if you are tall and going to go to a show like this you should be expected to follow some basic etiquette:

1.  Tall people should only buy seats located in the back of the theatre, so short people are guaranteed to be able to see what they have paid for.
2.  If you need to talk to the person you brought with you; go outside or just be quiet until the show is over and you have left the building.

My feeling is this; if I go to the Coleman again for another show, I will buy my tickets early, so I am guaranteed a seat in the front row, therefore being able to actually watch the show, without hurting myself, that I paid to see.  Ugh!

We really did enjoy the show and Kevin and his wife were amazing.  If you haven't seen the show, you should look to see if they are going to be in your town soon.


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