Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Waste is Wonderful?

I'm reading my newest Colored Stone GemMail Newsletter and the very last article is called "INDUSTRIAL BY-PRODUCTS ARE FINDING A SECOND LIFE IN JEWELRY AS FACTORY WASTES ARE TRANSFORMED INTO ORNAMENTAL WONDERS." Wow, who would have thunk that years from long ago we'd actually be using the waste that the factories we complain about produce! We recycle and upcycle so much; is this really the message we should be sending to the next generation? Oh, don't worry about the waste our factory is producing; it will eventually be used to make something beautiful.

As soon as I read this article I thought about the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome where they use pig waste to produce energy in a post-apocalyptic society. Is there what we have to look forward to? He who has the most waste that can be used for something ornamental wins!

Anyways, this led me to do a search on the subject and this is just some of what I found:

Turning Garbage Into Art & Music

Making Art of Industrial Scars.

Industrial Waste Teapot

It seems as though maybe this is something new. I know there are artists that scour the junk yard for items to include in their artwork, however, this is different. This is using the actual industrial waste from a factory to create art. While this sounds interesting, it also leads me to the following question:

"How safe is this using of industrial waste for art and/or jewelry?"


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