Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spring 2010 Fashion - Louis Vuitton

In reviewing some of the slideshows for the runway shows showing off the Spring 2010 fashions, I was surprised to see the big, round, "afro" style hair on the Louis Vuitton models. While I love his fashion, I think that using those kind of props totally took away from the outfits he was showing.

I tried really hard to focus on the outfits, however, the hair was just too distracting. Like this soft, pastel colored, and funky looking outfit was smashed with that big hair-do. Ugh! What are these designers thinking? Are they thinking at all? I don't understand why some designers think that bloating something like hair or accessories is going to make people "like" their designs. They should stick with emphasizing the outfit and not the other "stuff".

I know, have the models shave their heads, wear just enough makeup so we can see their features, and the tone down the accessories. A designer I enjoy watching is Alabama Chanin. Her fashion is simple yet elegant. I love the colors she uses and how simple the models are, which brings the focus to the outfits.

Also, what is up with not smiling? Models always look like they are in serious pain and like they really hate what they are wearing. It may just be a job, but if outfit isn't painful and the designer really believes in it, then the model should be smiling. Just my opinion.


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