Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Living in Podunk, I mean Hell!

We have now lived in Miami, OK for 3 months and nothing has changed our minds about wanting to live here. We are still looking for work and with over 40 applications submitted and over 6 job interviews I am nowhere even close to landing a job. One of the interviews I went on make me look at getting a job here with a whole new perspective; The interviewer said "there are plenty of jobs here just not any careers." So, what the heck are we doing here?

I've been told on several occasions by "locals" that this is a great place to raise kids and I can see that with how the school system is structured. Is that enough? I am starting to think that it isn't.

In our neighborhood alone there are approximately 17 registered sex offenders, which in itself makes us uncomfortable and it does not help when the neighbor across the street tells your 6 year old that he has a "girl" bike in his garage. He did not actually invite her but this makes us queasy none-the-less. Was he just being his normal pervert self? Did this mean intention? How do I keep her safe? This neighbor came to be known as pervert long before this incident and this did not help.

Then there is jerk face across the street who took it upon himself to call my 6 year old over and intergate her. He had found a "pad" that goes on a boys bike and wanted to know if it was hers. Duh, her bike is red not black and brand new, so NO it does not belong to her. Then he proceeds to ask her if she has been in his back yard bothering his dogs. She said that she had once to visit them, not bother them, and then went into reading her the riot act. My neighbor saw this and also saw her ride her bike into our backyard looking absolutely terrified. This slug had no right to do that and I have been sitting on my front porch waiting for his return from whatever job he has that takes him away from home for up to a week. How dare he address my daughter like that. I believe that if someone has an issue with a child they should take it up with the parents.

To top it all off; a double and huge sized tree trunk fell from the tree in the backyard taking down our utility lines. The Miami utility company was here within minutes to attach the electrical line back to the house, however, the landlord did not find it an emergency to remove the tree.

I am originally from California and have lived off-and-on in Colorado for most of my life. Arriving here was like arriving in a town stuck in a previous century. There is nothing to do but the bowling alley, Casinos, bars, and Wal-Mart. I'm too afraid to take my kids to the main park for the perverts that are supposed to inhabit it and I cannot stand the laid back and nonchalant attitude that floats around here from people. There is a very dangerous thought process around here that goes something like this: "It could never happen here." Talk about a town full of idiots.

I have so much more to say on this subject so I will save some for later. By-the-way, podunk is between a one-horse-town and a village!


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