Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Deed or Greed?

So, I was out shopping, ok browsing, at Wally World and happen to be in the bead section just looking to see what is out there. There was an elderly lady looking as well right in front of where I wanted to be. I patiently waited and then decided not to be rude and I asked her if she did beading. She said a little and we started to talk.

Well, come to find out that she is back here for a few more months, just had a lump removed, wasn't sure if it was a good idea to buy a foam top for a 20 year old mattress, and didn't know how to use her Toshiba laptop computer. At the time I really wasn't thinking of making any money helping her out, but I have done things for people in the past on an hourly, really cheap, basis and really wanted to help her out.

I gave her my fee break down and contact information and am now waiting to hear from her. She is all alone here and I feel bad that she should have to take crap from the cell phone company she has and etc. I told her that I could help teach her how to use the laptop, clean behind her couch, set up the foam top on the mattress, call the cell phone company and see about the charges she was being charged for some guy's phone calls that she doesn't even know.

Just to be clear here she asked me how much I would charge and things went from there. I feel like I am doing a good deed but also don't want to seem greedy. I offered her references and she told me that she didn't need them; she likes my face! Is it greedy to do something like this for a fee? Is it also considered a good deed? Or are the two really separate ideas? I love helping others, but I don't have a job right now and could really use the money.

We'll see she may not even call, but I feel good about offering to help her and I'm hoping that is enough!


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