Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bringing the Sunshine

The temperatures have been mild for this time of year where I live, but the sunshine is voluminous.  In honor of the heat and sunshine I started this picture yesterday using some of the stamps I purchased at Hobby Lobby and RubberMoon.  I started out with a face stamp I purchased years ago and have never used.  After this project I realized why I never used it; it is the ugliest stamp EVER. I ended up cutting a circle out of some pretty scrapbooking paper I had and am totally in love with the picture now.

Here is the before and after pictures:



I used my puffy 3-D gel and Sharpie White pens for accents.  I would not recommend the White Sharpie pen, as if you push a little too hard the ink comes out in a big blob and is super hard to clean up.  I used a baby wipe to get most of it off, but it still left a hint of the ink.

-Triangle and Stampstracts stamps from RubberMoon.
-Flowers and grass stamps from Hobby Lobby.
-Acrylic paints
-3-D Gel Pens
-White Sharpie Pen
-Scrapbooking paper

I'm going to be adding a sentiment; I just haven't finalized which stamp I will be using.


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