Friday, July 13, 2012

JAMing with kiddos swap III - 2 of 4 cards

What is a JAM ATC you may be asking.  Well, “JAM - A JAM Card is an ATC worked on by more than one artist. Each person adds to the card, leaving room for others to add on. The card is then passed on to the next person...”

My husband and I took our 9 year old daughter to Braum's last night for ice cream and while we were sitting there we worked on four cards for this swap.  She started and worked on one for two minutes, then my husband would work on it for two minutes, and then I would finish the card up in two minutes.

Then last night I painstakingly went over each one with a black fine permanent marker.  I colored in the two I am posting now and she is going to color in the other two.  I'll post those when she is finished coloring them in.


Fun in the sun! - My daughter drew the Palm tree, line for sand, sun, clouds, and words "fun in the sun!".  My husband added the sail boat and starfish.  I added everything else, including the leaves for the palm tree!

Sleeping Cat - My daughter drew the sleeping cat.  My husband added the ball of yarn and stripes on the cat.  I added everything else!


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