Sunday, November 20, 2011

Done with the Freaky Deaky New Year's Art Dolls!

Whew, I am finally done with the other two art dolls for the Freaky Deaky 2012 New Year's Swap.  I love making art dolls, but I need to get back to making ATC's for fear I may lose my muse for doing them.  Anyways, here is Zombie Girl Avery and Lady Lydia.

This is Avery, who is now a zombie. She got off the school bus, on her way back from an away game, to go to the bathroom. No one on the bus bothered to count the girls to make sure they were all aboard before taking off and she was left behind. The gas station was owned by zombies and when she came out of the bathroom, they gave her the deadly zombie bite and made her a part of their family. She misses basketball and all of her friends. She realizes now the importance of telling someone where you're going and accepts her fate.

Lady Lydia is ready to party and is looking for someone to be her escort!


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