Friday, August 19, 2011

Cell Phone Etiquette

I'm not the best at always answering my cell phone, but I do really try hard to answer my phone calls when people call.  Of course, there is the occasion when I just can't.  I understand that we are all busier, running faster and longer, etc., But, would it really kill anyone to at least within a week acknowledge that you received a phone call?

I found this article titled "12 Unwritten Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette" and I was surprised to find out that there is such a thing.  The article discusses everything from screening your calls to talking in public and more.

Item #11 caught my eye, because with the age of technology comes long drawn out processes when calling someone.  It states "If I reach your voicemail, don't you think I already know you can't take my call right now and want me to leave my name, number, and a brief message? Do you need to waste my time telling me that? The whole process of leaving a message to begin with is too long. The last thing I want when I finally reach your personal greeting is a lengthy description of what you want me to do. We've been using cell phones long enough to know the drill. Just as you want my message to be brief, so too do I want you to keep your personal greeting short."

This can also go for those automated phone systems that the majority of companies incorporate because they don't see the need to pay anyone minimum wage to sit and answer the phone for them.  Please don't get me started on the hilarious phone systems that take how many prompts to get through before I finally get the person's voicemail.  I think I should leave a lengthy message just because of how long it took me to actually get through to your extension.

Well, off to call my landlord again to see if they can fix a broken light fixture.  Hey, maybe my daughter will have light in her room by next year when we have to move again!


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