Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homemade Christmas Cards

I decided this year to make Christmas cards instead of buying a box from the store that I never seem to use all of them. So, with my daughter recovering from her surgery last week I stamped the images on watercolor paper and then we set out to color them using various types of watercolor.

This is the card my 7 yo made. After she watercolored the Santa, I used a scrapbooking door picture to make it look like Santa was behind the door.

I then adhered them to different cardstock, put them on different colored card paper, and used scrapbooking stickers to decorate. I also stamped the inside with my "Happy Holidays Season's Greetings" stamp.

I used craft glue on the Christmas trees and sprinkled with glitter to make it look like there are ornaments on them!

They turned out awesome and I thought I would just share them with the rest of you.


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